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Mat Ball Rules


1.       Each game will last 15 minutes. 

2.      After 3 outs teams switch 

3.      Players must go around the bases two times in order to score a point. 

4.      Players must tag up on a fly ball that is caught. 

5.      You can catch the ball for an out off any object in the Gym except the floor. 

6.      If you step off the base you must run to the next. 

7.      You can only hit people with a thrown ball below the shoulders.

8.     Arguing will result in an out being called against your team. 

9.      The ball must be kicked forward of home plate.  Foul Ball is an Out 

10. Close calls at the base will go to the runner provided they hustled to get to the base. 

11.    One foot must be on the base at all Times or the runner must run to the next base. 

12.   A kicked ball that hits the ceiling is an automatic out.  If a kicked ball hits the ceiling and is then caught by the opponent, it is an automatic 3 outs.

13.   Sliding into base is an automatic Out.

14.  Teams must keep the same running order or it will be an automatic out.

15.   If you are kicking you are the only runner.

16.  Home Run will be explained at the event.

The Sioux Falls School District neither endorses nor sponsors the organization or activity represented in this document. The distribution of this material is provided as a community service.


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